Corporate Profile

The main profession of the division is to introduce qualified human resources to various fields of foreign capital firm. Furthermore the ultimate goal of the Company is to produce total human resource service such as dispatch, outsourcing, outplacement, acting president, etc.M&A or other type of business transaction will be in a range of our business.

Corporate Slogan

Speedy / Simple / Sincere

Outline of the Company

Address 3-Chome,4-1,Ichigaya Sadohara-cho,Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo,Japan 162-0842
Directors Representative President:Mr. Minoru Suzuki
Establishment June 1991
Capital 28 million Japanese Yen
Type of Business (A) Job Search Firm
Professional, Technical Staff, Management Staff, Administrative Staff, Sales Staff
(B) Temporary Employment Agency
Licence No. of Minister of Health, labor & Welfare 13-Yu-080172
Tel 81-3-4500-9198
Fax 81-3-4500-9197
Office Hours 9:00 am ~ 8:00 pm Monday through Friday
10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm Saturday
Office will be closed on Sundays, holidays and year-end vacations.

Main Feature

  1. We are able to provide at real time job vacancy information
  2. Each consultant is a qualified professional of the field of work in charge.
  3. We are able to provide minute care because we are specializing in the target.
  4. We will accompany the applicant at the time of interview to confirm the detailed condition.

Advantage to the registered applicant

  1. We are able to introduce a better company in accordance with our corporate slogan of Simple, Speedy & Sincere.
  2. We are proud of our clients that they are not only growing fast but also excellent in its operation of business
  3. We will contact and negotiate with the Client on behalf of the applicant from the offer stage of application to the final stage of employment.
  4. Importance will be placed on after care of the applicant following the employment contract
  5. We will not charge any fee to the applicant to register.

To the Client: System

  1. Registration - Execution of Consulting Contract
    - Submission of corporate profile
    - Submission of detailed human resources request data
  2. Provision of candidate information
    - Recommendation of candidate qualified for the required standard
  3. Interview
    - Candidate selected by the Client will be interviewed.
  4. Decision of formal employment
    - Detailed condition and start date of employment will be confirmed by
    " Memorandum of Employment Condition"
  5. Consulting fee will be invoiced to the Client.

Applicant seeking job

  1. Registration - Any kind of fee will not be charged for the registration.
    - Secrecy of registration will be strictly kept.
    - Counseling with the consultant in charge will be implemented.
  2. Provide job information
    - Interview with the consultant responsible for the probable Employer will be made.
    - Introduce firms offering the most suitable condition.
  3. Recommendation to the possible client
    - Submission of curriculum vitae to the possible Employer.
    - Reconfirmation of the detailed request conditon
  4. Interview  
    - Detailed information of the candidate request will be conveyed to the possible Employer.
    - Arrangement of the date of interview, etc.
  5. Formal Employment
    - Negotiation of the overall condition of the employment.
    - Follow-up of the after care.
    - Career counseling will be made from time to time upon request.
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